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From diabetes to hypertension, cancer to drug addiction, stroke to intestinal motility, memory and learning disorders to septic shock, sunburn to anorexia, male impotence to tuberculosis, there is probably no pathological condition where nitric oxide does not play an important role. Only recently (within the last 25 years) discovered as a product of enzymatic synthesis in mammals, there are more than 114,000 scientific papers dealing with this remarkable molecule with most of these published within the last eight years.

This site is a clearinghouse of information for anyone interested in the biological roles of NO. Included, of course, are links to other sites, but also announcements of upcoming meetings and conferences, citations of recent review articles, and sections on employment opportunities, as well as places for beginners to go for information. In addition, this is the official website for the Nitric Oxide Society. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or would like to see something added to the Nitric Oxide Site.